12th Mar 2011 Property - User interface improvements

Property - User interface improvementsThe property module has been updated to provide certain user interface amendments.

Colour coding

When looking at property listings a popular request has been to add colour highlights to the listings. This allows the property status to be seen at a glance.

An example of this is in lettings, the default colours would be:

Green - Available
Amber - Let Agreed
Red - Let

We have also made some small changes to make the property module more user friendly with Rightmove uploads.

The summary field on Rightmove has now been limited to 300 characters, previously if a summary of more than 300 characters was submitted in the Rightmove feed any superfluous characters would be removed. The limit being imposed not only serves in ensuring the field is only used as a summary of the information but also that the feeds sent include the whole unmodified summary.

Another request has been to remove the mandatory requirement on bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms to have a value higher than 1. This becomes confusing when submitting properties such as 'commercial property' that have none of these attributes. These fields have now been made optional.